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    Catia's journey of self-inquiry began in her teens when, studying dance, she realized her yearning for a more profound experience of life. While working in many fields and travelling a plethora of countries, Catia's curiosity for the meaning of life grew along with her reading list and practice of healing modalities. Since her first class in 2003, yoga has become a healing experience which continues to deeply affect her approach to life. In the past 20 years she has explored many styles of yoga (Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Yin, Forrest), completed various teacher trainings, and countless continuous professional courses. She is also certified in Thai Yoga massage, Reiki healing, and leading cacao ceremonies.


    For over a decade Catia had the privileged of teaching at elite yoga studios in London (Indaba, Triyoga, Alchemy, Power yoga, Light Center, to name a few). She is a founder of Brighton's premier yoga studio, SPACE, where she orchestrates and leads an exceptional 300hr Foundational Training. She has also led dozens of workshops in the UK and around the world, and has organized and lead 15 International yoga retreats. In summer, Catia can be found teaching at popular festivals. Quite simply, for Catia yoga is a way of life.


    In Catia’s classes you will experience the full range, beauty and power of yoga, chanting and ceremony. She will invite you to tap into the deepest layers of your being and different aspects of your psyche. Adept at teaching many styles: her Yin classes are a journey inwards through layers of barriers; her Vinyasa classes are a rigorous and playful dance; while her expert Yogasana classes are deep, ceremonial, strong, adventurous, full of balances, and bound to bring on a sweat for a total cleanse of mind and body.


    In cacao ceremonies Catia welcomes you into a safe and sacred space to explore and delve deep into the unknown. Catia is adept at invoking energetic shifts through touch, chanting, shamanic drums and other shamanic tools, movement and meditation.


    A mother of three with a beautiful soul, Catia welcomes you with authenticity, joy, compassion, and a profound, lived knowledge of yogic wisdom to come find yourself on the mat


  • Classes & Workshops


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    Yoga Classes @ SPACE Yoga Studio - Brighton

    MONDAY                      WEDNESDAY            

    07:30 - Vinyasa 07:30 - Vinyasa

    09:30 - Yin Yang


    TUESDAY                      SATURDAY

    09:30 - Detox Flow 09:15 - Yogasana (Masterclass)


    Catia also teaches weekly private classes, London and Brighton-Hove, which are tailored to your individual needs and health conditions.

    Get in touch if you want to know more.

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    Yin Yoga & Harp Immersive Class



    A beautifully yoga ceremony held by Catia and welbeing harpist Tracy Jane Sullivan. They will gently guide you through a 90 minute journey of musical and yogic bliss. This class is a subtle combination of live music, yin yoga and meditation, where the pure sounds of the harp allow for deeper exploration of postures and breath, helping to focus your attention inwards, relax and let go.... Moment to moment experience a deeper sense of connection, relaxation and wellbeing, so expect to leave feeling fully nurtured and very much ready for a peaceful night's sleep. 


    Book @  https://www.spaceyogastudio.uk/workshops/ 

  • Ceremony & Retreats


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    Kirtan & Cacao Ceremony


    @SPACE Yoga Studio


    If you haven't experienced SPACE's now legendary 'Kirtan', then come join SPACE Founders Catia and John and the wonderful community to embrace the Summer with mantra, music, ceremony, intention setting and meditation. Led by SPACE founders Catia & John, brought alive by Everyone...

    Book https://www.spaceyogastudio.uk/workshops/


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    Sacred Cacao & Breath Work Ceremony

    Sunday, Nov. 12th, 14:00-17:00 @ SPACE

    Yoga Studio

    A Cacao Ceremony is a powerful and sacred gathering where we come to meet ourselves and allow another part of us to awaken. During the ceremony you will be welcomed into a sacred space where you will feel safe, protected and held with love. You will then be taken on a journey into the unknown, weaving various elements to create a clear pattern of energy that can support us through our journey. Cacao is medicine for the soul.


    Then comes the Breath work: you will be guided on a deep inward journey using a conscious connected breath. This tool, this medicine, opens us up to connect with our inner healing intelligence, giving us the opportunity to release, to heal and to align on the physical, emotional and energetic planes.

    This unique, special event has limited spaces and will be unforgettable.

    Learn more and bookings


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    SPACE Yoga Retreat - Suryalila Spain

    6-13th of April 2024


    All accommodation prices are fully inclusive of yoga, three gourmet, organic vegetarian buffet meals per day, and full access to all of the beautiful common areas and facilities – salt water swimming pool and sauna. Inspired by furnishings from Bali, India and Morocco, and the Sanish farmhouse-style, the spaces and rooms are soothing to the soul and delightful to the eye. Facilities include: eco-sauna, cafe, relaxation areas, permaculture garden, Shakti Boutique, Wifi, parking, massage room and salt-water swimming pool. Oh, and miles of open country for you to gaze at and look within or beyond… There are also popular hikes in the Sierra de Grazelama; a walk along a wild river with waterfalls and bathing pools, cultural trips to Ronda, Cadiz, Seville, Arcos de la Frontera, and day trips to white sandy beaches.

    This is the retreat you’ve been waiting for.


    Learn more and bookings



  • Yoga Teacher Trainings and Advance Modules

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    Eight Limbs Of Yoga (Self-Inquiery)

    30hrs Yoga Immersion a journey to Self Enquiry

    3 weekends, Sep. 30-01 Nov. 4-5 Dec 2-3rd 2023


    This immersive 30hr yoga immersion is back on this year after so many requests. If you're curious about going deeper in your quest to self inquiry, want to get closer to your essence’s, expand your pockets of authenticity, free yourself from the known - conditioning and narratives, became unafraid of the unknown or looking to join a YTTC , this is for you.

    Limited spots.


    To learn more and book your spot click on link below.


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    300hrs Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Course

    January 5th to March 31st 2024



    The SPACE 300hr Foundational Teacher Training is a fully inclusive course, suitable for anyone that has the calling to this practice, way of life. Grounded in our passion to empower all students to take the next step on their yoga journey. Led by Catia Leite and an exceptional, international faculty, this welcoming and comprehensive course at Brighton & Hove’s premier yoga school will provide you with a strong teaching methodology, excellent technical understanding of asana and human anatomy, and thorough knowledge of the traditions and philosophy of yoga.

    Carefully designed for those who desire an in-depth training, this life-changing 3-month programme includes 100hrs of mentored self-study to prepare and support you as you learn how to share yoga with joy and compassion. Rooted in an authentic understanding of the ‘Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga’, as well as a comprehensive exploration of asana, this course will guide you through traditional yoga philosophy, meditation techniques, explore breath, mantra, create a spiritual practice a ceremony. You will work through your own layers to meet your authentic self and a deeper understanding of how to live a rich yogic lifestyle on and off the mat. By gaining a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy over the course you will experience a conscious awakening which will further enable you to share this way of life from the heart. Throughout the course the faculty will encourage you to be curious, creative and to trust the process.


    If you are seeking to fully immerse yourself in your yoga journey and develop a spiritual practice which will ultimately steer you closer to your true self, then reach out.


    To learn more and book @ https://www.spaceyogastudio.uk/space-yoga-school/

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    The Art of Adjustments - 40Hrs Advance Yoga module

    The Art Of Adjustments is for anyone that has done their 200/300hrs YTTC.


    Offering a skilful hands on, verbal and energetic adjust's as well as self adjust. A lot of the students don't like to be disturbed when they come to the mat, however everyone likes to be guided so they can deeen their experience. As teachers it can be a potent and intrinsic part of helping students deepen their practice.


    2 Weekend DTBC

    20 contact hours


    We explore adjustments for, sun salutaions, standing and seated postures.

    • Why and when to adjust
    • Explore biomecanics and energtics of adjustments
    • Using breath
    • Sensitive touch
    • Verbal and physical adjustment
    • Timing and working with the room efficently
    • Consent
    • Self perservation and protecting yourself


    2 Weekend DTBC

    20 contact hours


    We explore adjusts and assists in advance poses, different body types and using Thai yoga massage techniques.

    • Advance poses
    • Working with injuries
    • Diferent body types
    • Breakdown pose, how to modify and cue for diferent bodies
    • Energetic adjustment
    • Thai Yoga massage adjusts
    • Self adjust
    • Using Props/wall
    • Savasana assist


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    Creative Sequencing and Advance Poses 40hrs

    Yoga teacher's only



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    Sacred Ceremony and kirtan Module 10hrs CPD

    Learn about ceremony where it comes from and how we can bring it back in to our lives.

    • Learn how to create a sacred and safe space
    • How to use sacred plants and diferent shamanic tools to evoke its high energies and clear away any low vibrational energy.
    • Learn to clear and clean your own personal energy and space before and after teaching
    • How to keep your energy hijack free

    We will explore the power of mantras and why we chant them, making them part of a daily ritual.


    Asana Lab 20hrs CPD

    Suitable for teachers and curious students


    We will explore traditonal poses and how we to find our comfortable seat.

    How to practice & teach safely


    Modifications for injuries




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